Actificent has its origins on a Network of Talent, priming for excellence of Digital Transformation and Big Data projects.
Actificent can support you throughout all phases of your project: solution design, implementation, systems migrations, greenfield implementations to emergency interventions.

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Digital Transformation

Actificent engages with you on any stage of your data transformation journey. We provide comprehensive recommendations that help your initiative succeed with faster time to market.

Our experience in implementing cross-channel applications that feed into your business processes help you design and envison new ways of delivering value and scale decision-making processes, by focusing on user experience, data protection and security.

GDPR Compliance and Implementation

Actificent proudly released Privena Data Protection and Compliance Platform for a selected group of customers.

Privena Platform helps businesses achieve GDPR compliance by performing data discovery and classification at large, data activity monitoring and by providing technical controls for auditing automated decision processes.
Please contact us to try Privena Platform.

Big Data Strategy

Actificent engages with you on any stage of your big data journey. We provide comprehensive recommendations that help your initiative succeed with faster time to market.

Our experiences and lessons learned are a major asset for your project and help you avoid common big data projects pitfalls. Our methodology is agile and iterative, going through agreed-upon milestones step-by-step.

Data Lake

Traditionally organizations have data across multiple silos. These are fed by Extract-Transform-Load processes that enforce standardization into a cannonical data model. It often introduces a political/consensus problem on which transformations to perform, future data model evolutions as well as data governance policies.

Having a Data Lake in place, all your data is stored in it's raw form, defering the data modelling to business specific needs and therefore relaxing standardization processes. A Data Lake enables process agility by removing consensus on how data should be modelled. We can help you build a Data Lake that fits your needs and scales within your organisation.

Big Data Warehouse and Data Warehouse Offload

Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions are costly and a valuable resource for the entire organisation. Complementing it with Hadoop can decrease significatly usage of your EDW for ETL processes and for lengthy reports to run on historical data, leaving your costly resources dedicated to what brings more value.

Data Warehouse Offload provenly optimises technology cost allocation for your next years and helps you get more with less TCO. Let us know about your data growth and what problems you're currently facing.

Operational Log Analytics

Get insights from the semi-structured data generated by your operational systems. Actificent helps you build processing pipeline to crunch your operational data materialised into logs, correlate events coming from your applications and identify pattern outliers.

Common business use cases for Log Analytics are the detection of fraudulent, suspicious activity and the identification of customer behaviour patterns from clickstream and session data. How are you addressing these today?

Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

With vast amount of data is sometimes hard to detect certain behaviours by just aggregating events by relevant dimensions. Machine Learning techniques come to the rescue by providing model building algorithms that capture statistical properties of events. Machine learning models can retain probability distributions and more complex patterns of your data and be used to detect outliers and assist on business-decisions.

Actificent can help you build real-time classification and clustering data pipelines, apply statistics to determine data quality and build efficient and scalable recommendation systems.

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Actificent has successfully delivered for

Cross industry experience comes as a gift as best practices can be shared across. We are proud of continuing deliver solutions for Industry Leaders.


The tech stack we use is composed mostly of open source technologies. Here are some of them:

  • Apache Hadoop, YARN, MapReduce
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache HBase, NoSQL
  • Apache Storm
  • Apache Flink, Event Stream Processing
  • Apache Drill, interactive SQL engine
  • Apache Cassandra, NoSQL
  • Couchbase, NoSQL
  • Akka Framework
  • Apache Solr, enterprise search platform
  • ElasticSearch, Apache Lucene based search engine
  • Apache Kylin, open-source OLAP solution on Hadoop
  • Cascading, application development suite for Hadoop
  • Apache Hive, Hadoop's most known SQL engine
  • Apache Flume, open-source data streaming solution
  • LogStash, open source data collection engine with real-time pipelining capabilities
  • Qlik, data visualisation software
  • Tableau, data visualisation software

With hands-on experience on the full development and operations lifecycle, we are capable of tailoring solutions to your on-premises, cloud or hybrid strategy. Some of the platforms we work with:

  • MapR Converged Platform
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks HDP
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

About Actificent

Actificent was created by Big Data veterans with past consulting experience in Fortune 100 companies, across multiple industries.

We are a technology consultancy focused in adding business value by leveraging and harnessing the power of big data combined with digital transformation.

We apply cutting edge technologies and techniques to assist your business with better decision-making tools, improved reaction times and required agility to foster as a data-driven competitive player.

The team has strong roots in the open-source scene, especially the Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem projects.